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If you’re struggling to meet the demands of following a family law court order in Atlanta, Georgia, you may need the help of a child support modification lawyer. We’ll look at your situation and help determine if a child support modification needs to be made. This could occur if you’ve lost your job, have a demanding work schedule, are unclear about following the court order, or other circumstances make it impossible. If needed, our team will file the right child support modification motion in the right court and work to make following the court’s order fair and beneficial for everyone, especially the children involved.  

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Types of Modification suits in Family Law

Uncontested Modification Suite

This can happen when both parties agree to the modification and are both willing to sign the new modified agreement. It can also happen by “default” if a party is served but does not file any paperwork or show up to court. 

Contested Modification Suit

This type of modification suit occurs when one party files an answer and refuses to sign the order to modify. A contested modification suit requires a final hearing after both parties have time to prepare their sides

If you’re struggling to meet the demands of following a family law court order, we can help.

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If you disagree, you must file an “answer” by the deadline outlined in the papers you were served. Filing an answer to a modification request is free and protects your right to state your case in court.

In Georgia, assets are divided equitably rather than equally. This implies that property distribution may not be divided evenly. After evaluating various factors, the court will determine a fair distribution of assets.

If you agree with the request and want to take part in the process, you will still need to file an “answer” by the deadline. Then, all that’s needed is for both parties to sign an agreement to modify the court order.

You do not have to respond. If you are willing to accept the terms of the modified court order, you can do nothing. However, you won’t get a say in the matter and will still be bound by the updated court order signed by the judge even if you choose not to participate. 

If you want to dispute the proposed terms of the modification, then you must go through the entire process, including filing an answer and showing up to court. You do not have to go to court if you agree with the modification and are willing to sign the agreement. 

The current court order remains in place until a modification is either approved or denied. You must continue to follow the existing court order even if you think it’s unfair or expect it to change soon.

Yes. Whether you want to submit a modification or have received a citation, talking to a lawyer should be your first step. Understanding important deadlines and exploring every possible outcome is key to getting the results that are best for everyone involved, especially the children. 

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